We know that you may only be there for a minute and your car may not be blocking anyone; but it may be in an area where it alters the sight lines for a child walking through the lot and/or causes another vehicle to have to manoeuvre around your car. DO NOT PARK OR STOP IN THE HANDICAPPED DROP OFF ZONE IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL UNLESS YOU HAVE A STICKER.

Please do not park on the laneway during student arrival in the morning and dismissal as the school buses have difficulty maneuvering around your vehicle and also obstructs the view of students who may dash onto the laneway.

Please do not leave your car idling. If you are not in the driver’s seat, please do not leave the engine running. If a child is jumping into the car, across the driver’s seat, it is possible for the car to be put into gear.

Please respect all of the traffic signs on school property and on the street. Stopping or parking illegally may cause a situation that causes a child to be injured.

Some of these expectations may cause you minor inconvenience. However, we’re sure that you understand that the safety of the students at SEB is the responsibility of all of us. If you have arrangements with grandparents or other caregivers to drive your children to school, we would ask that you make them aware of these expectations. Please drive with caution at all times, especially near the school.